Central Park Medical Unit in Saturday action from Svetlana Didorenko on Vimeo.

Greg Levow and his Central Park Medical Unit team spend weekends in Central Park neither jogging nor cycling, but volunteering as Emergency Medical Technicians, transporting patients on emergency.

Volunteer Brennon Jones: on being a journalist in the American Vietnam War and training in the emergency medicine.


CORNER from Svetlana Didorenko on Vimeo.

Washington Heights CORNER Project is a syringe exchange and harm reduction program in the Washington Heights area of New York City.

Central Park Sax from Svetlana Didorenko on Vimeo.

Ralph U. Williams is a saxophonist who plays in Central Park every day since about 1995.

Viva Old Vegas! from Svetlana Didorenko on Vimeo.

This video was shot and edited for the NPPA Multimedia Immersion workshop in Las Vegas in 2009.

Thinkers’ Meditation from Svetlana Didorenko on Vimeo.

Santiago Steele and Mila Vigdorova are Argentine Tango dancers in New York City. Steele, the organizer of one of the events, tries to replicate the atmosphere of the Buenos Aires tango clubs, where the dance originated.

Remi Korchemny is a track and field coach training athletes in San Francisco Bay Area in California.